Jeddah International 4th


With a population of five million and, it is the main hub for a number of cities in the Western Region as well as a vital economic center.

It also includes Jeddah Islamic Port, one of the largest seaports in the Arab world also, King Abdulaziz International Airport, the busiest in the Kingdom. Jeddah is also the Kingdom's commercial and entertainment hub and the main city in the Western Region, it is home to more than half of the kingdom's 28 million inhabitants and, the region also includes the holy cities of Makkah and Medina with Taif and Yanbu.

Jeddah has gained a prestigious position As an important trading center not only at the local level but also at the regional and international levels. And extends the ambitions of those who are based in Jeddah to add a prominent cultural event wish is Jeddah International Book Fair, where it is expected to receive tens of thousands of visitors a daily.